Mount St. Joseph University

Meet Katherine Mays, President of CAB

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Sarah Campbell

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If you’ve ever heard of Fort Night, Trivia Night, or Family Feud at the Mount, you might want to thank Katherine Mays and her Campus Activities Board crew. Mays joined CAB her freshman year because she was involved in a similar organization at her high school and she wanted to continue that experience.  When a vacancy for the CAB presidency opened in the spring semester of 2016, she ran and was elected president.

CAB hosts a variety of different events around campus.  CAB has doubled their programming this year, adding different events around campus for students.  The Fort Fight program, new to this university, has been a success. The next Fort Fight will be Friday, Nov. 3, with the movie Atomic Blonde.One of the biggest events that is Community Trick or Treat, always a popular event around campus. 

Mays stated “CAB is collaborating with other programs and clubs on campus to try and bring more entertainment.” Most of the events are free to students, or if there is a cost, it is five dollars and under. 

“A new event such as the hypnotist that CAB sponsored back in August was a huge success and students really loved it.  Harrington was a full house!” Mayes said when asked about new events on campus.CAB wants to continue to bring comedians and hypnotists to campus. 

Mays comments on how her involvement in CAB has changed since becoming president

“It’s fun being in a different role and at times challenging, but a good challenging,” she said.  “I’m making sure everything is going well by helping out as much as possible and making sure everyone has what they need.”

CAB is made up of an executive board of nine members, and two members who are in an apprenticeship, with the help of advisor Warren Grove. 

“Grove is a huge help to the CAB executive board and he herds us all together,” she said. “The board is incredibly important to the success of CAB and their hard work is beyond appreciated.”

CAB is a student-run organization and student input is important.  Receiving suggestions from students helps CAB come up with new and different events on campus.  Mays states that “what students want to see they (CAB) will try to achieve it.”

In the past, they have taken students on trips to Sky Zone, Brookville Lake, and Mammoth Caves. If students want something and if it’s within reach, CAB will try to have it.

Mays says she’s “really happy to be a part of CAB which is an organization that brings entertainment and happiness to the students.  I’m so glad to be included in CAB’s legacy to the Mount.”

Please send any suggestions for future CAB events to Katherine Mays or Warren Grove.