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Mount Students in Japan.

Many college students dream of the opportunity to explore another part of the world, and thanks to a $35,800 grant from The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, that dream became a reality for 12 students this past May. For 13 days, students in the “IDS 360: Contemporary Japan and Its Roots” class immersed themselves in Japanese culture, learning about the country’s history, art and language. The class trip was led by Jennifer Morris, Ph.D, assistant professor as well as Helen Rindsberg, M.A. and Stephen Rindsberg, both adjunct professors.

“You can take a class about Japan in college, but seeing how different that culture is from ours, gives us a different global perspective,” says Emily Helman, a senior majoring in fine arts.

The grant also financed two additional lectures during the trip. Students learned about Japan’s reconstruction after World War II at the Edo-Tokyo Museum. In addition, Reverend Kawakami, a Buddhist priest, discussed Japanese religious traditions with the students at Shunkoin Temple in Kyoto. 

Photo credit: Helen/Steve Rindsberg