Mount St. Joseph University

Fraternity Aims to Make the Mount a Better Place

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Ryan Korengel

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine this.  You are walking down a hallway, blindfolded and surrounded by voices.  Some of the voices are recognizable and others are not.  Everyone around you begins chanting in unison: “I believe in Delta Tau Delta for the education of youth and the inspiration of maturity, so that I may better learn and live the truth.”  Sounds like a cult, doesn’t it?  Bear with me through the voodoo, it gets better.

The chanting continues with, “I believe in Delta Tau Delta as a shrine of International brotherhood: her cornerstone friendship, her foundation conscience, her columns aspiration, her girders self-restraint, her doorway opportunity, her windows understanding, her buttresses loyalty, her strength the Everlasting Arms.”  You’re probably thinking, “Now this guy is just comparing random body parts and appliances you find at the Home Depot with personality traits. I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into, but GET ME OUT OF HERE!”

I was in this exact situation last year during my first initiation ceremony.  I remember second-guessing all of my life choices, wondering when the Grim Reaper was going to appear to take us away.  It all seemed very strange but you never know what you like until you try something new.  My leap of faith paid off.  Over a year after joining the fraternity, it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

When you think of your core values, what do you think of?  The core values of Delta Tau Delta are truth, courage, faith, and power.  One of the reasons I joined the fraternity is because my values align with these values almost identically.  I recently talked to the president of the Mount St. Joseph University Delta Tau Delta Colony, Garret Liette, who told me that he joined the fraternity because he “was having a hard time finding (my) place”. Delta Tau Delta has given him a place at the Mount and he has often told me that it has entirely changed his college experience.
We are very close to chaptering, then all active members at the time we chapter will officially become Founding Fathers of the Mount St. Joseph University Delta Tau Delta chapter.  Liette explains that when we chapter in the near-future, this means that “Greek Life is officially up and running and you should be expecting many more things from us. We are so excited and we hope the Mount (community) is too.”

Stereotypes will be what they are, but this fraternity has the potential to change Mount St. Joseph University for the better.  The Mount offers so many opportunities to students of all backgrounds.  This school has changed my life and this fraternity has created friendships that will last a lifetime.  If you told me in high school that I would join a fraternity in college, I would have called you crazy, but this fraternity is much more.  We are trailblazers of student life for commuters and residential students alike.

You probably know that the third floor of the Southeast section of the Seton Residence Hall is the Delta Tau Delta floor, but this floor isn’t just for residents.  If you visit the 3 Southeast Lounge on any given day, there are bound to be four or five commuters hanging out in a relaxed and comfortable environment.  Delta Tau Delta has given commuters and residents a place to call home on campus, which is exactly what this school needs more of.

Liette’s goal for the Delta Tau Delta fraternity is to make the Mount a better place, while forming relationships that will last a lifetime.  We focus our efforts on giving back to the community and growing as men.
This semester, we plan on having our second annual March Madness bracket with all proceeds benefitting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  We are also working on the second annual Glow Party with the Campus Activities Board, and we will get students actively involved with Springfest later in the semester.  The Delta Tau Delta fraternity is always looking for new ways to get students involved and excited about everything that’s happening on campus.

This semester, we will also hold a soft Rush Week for students who are interested in joining the fraternity to get to know us before you decide whether or not you would like to join.  The timing of this will give you an entire week of Spring Break to decide if joining a fraternity is right for you. Last semester’s Rush Week included a tailgate, video game tournament, and other activities to get to know the current members.  There’s no risk in attending Rush Week, even if you ultimately decide not to join the fraternity, but I have a feeling you may be pleasantly surprised.  Any male Mount student interested in creating lifelong friendships and leaving a legacy at Mount St. Joseph University as a Founding Father of its first fraternity can e-mail Kevin Imhulse at