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Florida Alums Go Birding

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Last month a group of Mount alumni currently living in Florida gathered for a birding expedition, led by Dr. Jill Russell ’96. On Friday, Febuary 21, the group congregated in Bonita Springs for a program during which Dr. Russell discussed the Boreal Owl and how Mount students are participating in a bird-banding project that is occurring at the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse in Cincinnati. In addition to this, she also explained some of what would occur during the next day’s adventure. Following the program, the group was invited to an alumni reception hosted by Ginny Callahan O’Connor ’65 and Neil O’Connor.

On Saturday morning, everyone gathered at the J.N. Ding Darling Wildlife National Refuge on Sanibel Island bright and early for the expedition. After witnessing several species of birds in their natural habitat, the group received a copy of the documentary, “Blue and Gold” about the re-introduction of the Blue and Gold Macaw into Trinidad by alumna Bernadette Coutain Plair ’67. The experience concluded with a lunch at Doc Ford’s, located near the refuge.