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Mount St. Joseph University Logo Design Option

Since the #MountLogoMadness predictions are over and we're down to our final two options, we thought we'd give a little bit of background about each logo choice, and the significance of their different aspects.

The shield design helps to better communicate the faith-based values of the Sisters of Charity and the ethical leadership that has always been woven into the fabric and DNA of the culture of the College of Mount St. Joseph, and now, Mount St. Joseph University. A shield is often an immediate cue to an established university. It honors tradition and a sense of permanence. At the same time, careful consideration was taken to give the shield design a contemporary and progressive look and feel. It is a timeless blend of traditional and modern elements, with pureness and simplicity at its core.

The shield design also signals the serious nature of the Mount's transition from a college to a university, a bold move that will allow us to establish new areas of education and academics.

The box logo concept links the past to the new future of Mount St. Joseph University. The blue box shape that holds the MSJ is the direct visual link to the current logo, and the MSJ letterforms within the box partner together and represent the tight community of the Mount campus. The “S” and the “J” deliberately go beyond the box shape to portray the way Mount sends its students beyond campus to have a positive impact on the global community inspired by its ethical leadership. A sun shape speaks for the sun in the Seton Family Coat of Arms and is used to dot the “J” in the box. This same sun shape is circled by the top of the “S.” This sun shape works hard to communicate on a few levels. While it represents God and God’s charity, and the faith-based values that are at the core of the work the Sisters of Charity perform, it also exemplifies the ethical leadership that the Mount has.

The past and the future of Mount St. Joseph are blended beautifully with this updated box concept, which portrays the knowledge and enlightenment that can only come from a great education.

Which logo will finally be chosen? Keep an eye on news from the Mount to find out!