Mount St. Joseph University

Farewell to MSJ

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Megan Hatton

File Under: communications, dateline, english, graduation

I cannot believe that in a few weeks I will be a college graduate.

Of course, I have known about my impending graduation for a while now. When I can’t get the top to a jar off, my four year old niece says “You can do this, Aunt Meggie! You’re a college graduate.” (This statement also applies to the times when I can’t get the car seat buckled or when I can’t seem to find the words for the paper I’m writing).

I have experienced many things here while at the College of Mount St. Joseph. At eighteen years old, I never would have imagined how my life has turned out. I ended up with a double major in Communications and English with a Creative Writing concentration, and a minor in Written Communication. I have been in band for three years, and even won a band award during my freshman year. I (mostly) conquered my fear of public speaking, and have slowly come out of my shell over the years. I am not the person that I was when I entered this place, and I am truly grateful for that.

Yes, over the years I have witnessed miracles. Like watching squirrels synchronize jumping through the quad on a sunny day. Or experiencing a certain professor singing showtunes in her office, while also looking on in amazement to how one English professor can mess up the copier machine to the point that it is in Spanish. I will never forget having classes outside, blowing bubbles in fiction class, attending “Doubt” in the recital hall or even the first time I had a PB&J sandwich from the Dining Hall.

This place has become my home. This place has become a vessel filled with so many memories, and it overflows with all of the emotions and heartache that comes with growing older. There have been rough times here. I could not walk for most of the first semester my junior year, to the point that the doctors thought it was multiple sclerosis. That disappeared, though, as time went by. Some nights I could barely survive. I would look out my window into the quad and wonder what the future had in store for me. College is a fun place, but it can also be scary.

I could not have made it to graduation without the people that I have met here. Dr. Elizabeth Mason has truly been an amazing professor to me, and she ignited my love for graphic novels and fiction, while also being supportive in all that I do. Dr. Linda Cardillo has been my rock while I have been here. I know that I can come to her office and freak out about capstone, go over my plans for class, and still have time for a quick hug. And, of course, my friends have always stuck by me even through all my crazy freak-outs about tests, projects and homework.

I hope to one day work in higher education, and I attribute this dream of mine to my experiences here at the College of Mount St. Joseph. So with that, I say farewell to MSJ, knowing that even though I may not be a student here, I will always carry the memories of this place within my heart. It has been my privilege to be your Dateline copy editor for the past two years, and as this school year draws to a close, I wish all of you a safe and happy summer.