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Flats Gallery: a College of Mount St. Joseph Urban Arts Partnership, is very pleased to announce Revealed: Reconsidered Substance, Shape & Form, April 12 – June 1, 2013.  Revealed is an exhibition about found objects, re-cycled industrial refuse, assemblages, materials re-formed and re-configured, and images re-imagined.  Four established Cincinnati artists present unique interpretations of shape, form and color combinations, controlled variations of altered objects, and singular impressions of layered material finds in carefully delineated compositions.  The charismatic and engaging works are captivating, yet reflect strong formal considerations founded in visual and design aesthetics.  An opening Artists’ Reception will be held on Friday, April 12, 6-8 p.m.  The reception is free and open to the public.

Exhibition artists are:

Joell Angel – Chumbley – Mixed Media/Sculpture
Joell received a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Cincinnati, School of Art, area of Fibers and 3D studies in 2000; and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, with a concentration in Fiber/Fabric design from the College of Mount St. Joseph in 1992.  Her work spans the disciplines of visual art, print and environmental graphic design and public art.  Her multi-disciplinary experience has awarded her local, regional and national mention in various publications and selected exhibitions.  Recent works have exhibited both regionally and nationally.  Joell has traveled throughout Europe and the United States documenting the natural landscape, and historical /cultural characteristics of destinations she has visited.  Having this background knowledge brings concrete layers of meaning to her work and provides her with a sense of connection to the subject.

Paige Wideman – Mixed Media/Sculpture
After graduating with a BFA in sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute, Paige returned to the Cincinnati area where she began showing her work locally.  Since then, she has received an MFA in sculpture from the University of Cincinnati.  As a lecturer for Northern Kentucky University, Wideman has a goal turned toward reaching students, enticing them, each as individuals, to openly discover art and achieve their own form of self-expression.  Artistically, Paige’s own inspiration is gleaned from the many variations that can be found among landscapes and cultures.  Most of this observation has come throughout travels to different countries.  Wideman notes, “The visual languages these cultures possess, as well as the constantly changing, awe-inspiring landscapes, embed themselves within my memory, emerging subtly throughout my work.”

Nancy Willman – Photography
Willman received her BS in Design from DAAP, University of Cincinnati.  Her professional pursuits include:  Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati - DAAP for 13 years.  She is also Owner/Instructor of Main Street Yoga in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Nancy Willman is the founder, principal and creative director of Willman Design - a graphic design, corporate communication firm.  Nancy's photography is deeply influenced by her designer sense of color, composition and symbolism. An avid traveler, she focuses that sensibility to capture the unique and local sense of place.

Laura Martin – Photography
Laura graduated with a BS in Design from DAAP, University of Cincinnati.  Laura Martin is a mixed-media artist; her photos and art reflect the hidden beauty in the urban environment.  She works as an Environmental Graphic Designer with the City of Cincinnati and has a studio at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Photography and mixed media is the core of her studio work, often layering those pieces with found objects or metal to create a foundation or framework for the art.  Her sculptural work plays with how the various forms between the 2D work in conjunction with the 3D, hoping to create a connection between the viewer and the unique aesthetic qualities of the urban landscape.

Flats Gallery business hours are: Tuesdays from 4-7pm; Fridays 3-6pm; Saturdays 1-5pm.

Flats Gallery is closed on major holidays, and College holidays.  Admission is free.  Digital images for this exhibition will be made available upon request.