Mount St. Joseph University

Everyone Knows His Name

Mount News: alumni magazine

He’s the holder of keys. His phone rings at all hours. And he always has the answers.

When Charlie Wrublewski applied for a custodial job on Nov. 26, 1980, he was hired on the spot. Still dressed in slacks and a dress shirt, he immediately got to work washing windows—and 38 years later, his work ethic hasn’t waned.

In 2016, Wrublewski was given the Champion Award for being the Lions’ No. 1 fan. Now a member of Campus Events and Conference Services Office, he sets up and tears down everything needed for Mount events. He knows every inch of campus and attends every athletic event. There’s an annual volleyball tournament named after him. But perhaps most importantly, he serves as the Mount’s goodwill ambassador, greeting everyone enthusiastically and with kindness.

Wrublewski considers the Mount—and everyone in its community, past and present—his family.

But he does more than clean and ring touchdown bells. Wrublewski regularly speaks to classes to discuss the hazards of addiction by sharing his own personal experiences.

Where does his inspiration come from? Wrublewski says he’s simply abiding by his father’s golden rule: “Always take pride with what you do in your life.”