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Employers, alumni and students praise Mount psych program

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By: Tim Lawson

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Students at Psychology Conference.

The College of Mount St. Joseph's Psychology Program has received some exciting praise recently from our current students, alumni, and prestigious employers in our region.  Here's a sample of what they are saying:


"Psychology majors from the Mount have excelled at both student co-op and full-time research positions at Cincinnati Children’s.  We strive to recruit the best science majors from the best programs for our Research Foundation and have found that Mount psychology majors are consistently well trained and well prepared.  Mount students have done so well over the years that a number of our research groups specifically ask for a Mount student when they need a student co-op or a new research assistant."  Dr. Ken Leslie, Human Resources Scientist Recruiting, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

"Mount students have consistently been bright, motivated, and well-rounded students who easily adjust to the demands of our practicum experience at CCHMC.“ Dr. Jannel Phillips, Developmental &
Behavioral Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center


“I have heard so many of my colleagues talk about their college experiences, and I feel so blessed to have had the experiences, care, professors, small courses, etc. One of my coworkers was amazed when I said that I wrote my advisor or professors a question. She said, ‘they still know who you are?! And would take the time to respond?!’ She'd gone to a big school and never got to know her professors. I think that's really sad. I'm so glad that we never got lost in the shuffle.“  Jodi Kay Logman, 2003

"Through the Mount's psychology program, I was continuously challenged, inspired, and guided toward my career path in psychology. I developed excellent research, clinical, and practical skills in a variety of environments, including classes, co-op, and practicum opportunities. The faculty were exceptionally supportive and knowledgeable on guiding me during my four years as an undergraduate. They helped me take extensive psychology classes that matched and developed my interests along with helping the different faculty members with their own research projects. All of these experiences have prepared me for my next accomplishment in life, graduate school." Debra Reisinger, 2012

Current Students:

“The psych program is phenomenal and it’s because of the great faculty!  The professors don’t want us to just know psychology; they want us to experience it. It is because of this mindset that I was able to obtain a practicum position at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, which is bringing my texts and lectures to life while also supplying me with great opportunities that most undergrads don’t get to have. I love it here!” Megan Pfeiffer, Junior

"As a student of such amazing, dedicated, and knowledgeable faculty, I have never been so sure of what I want to do with my career. The department is more than happy to set anybody up with a role as research assistant as a means to attend professional conferences, and prepare you for whatever path one may choose in this field. Outstanding job, Psych Department!”  Kory Phelps, Junior