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Students at the College of Mount St. Joseph now have a job opportunity to not only earn a paycheck, but to receive tuition assistance and develop foundational job skills through the new Education at Work program.

Founded by David Dougherty, Education at Work is a rapidly growing non-profit corporation designed to employ college students and assist with their educational costs. The corporation is a customer service center looking for students to work part-time contacting clients from major companies such as Macy’s Inc. and Cincinnati Bell Inc.

Students can earn up to $6,000 annually toward their tuition costs in addition to a $9 hourly wage. 

How it Works

If a student has a 3.0 minimum GPA, after their first six months upon employment they become eligible to earn up to $3,000 toward their college tuition expenses. Based on a graduated scale, it is designed as an incentive for students to earn good grades. The higher a student’s GPA, the more tuition money they are able to receive. If the student stays another six months, they are eligible for an additional amount of up to $3,000, creating a total annual reward of a possible $6,000 payment toward their education.

Education at Work offers flexible day and evening hours tailored to work around an individual’s class schedule. Currently located in Norwood, Ohio, the modern building provides a student lounge area with a quiet space to study before or in-between shifts. Instead of small isolated cubicles they encourage a supportive environment with students working at team tables where they are able to talk to peers for guidance with a team supervisor for additional assistance.

Rich Utecht, career and co-op coordinator, says, "A customer service center job is often considered difficult work, however in this case that is not true. Once the student receives the proper training, the job is very manageable.”

Development for the future

There are currently eight Mount students employed by Education at Work. Depending on the growth of their business and if the capacity of employment is filled at their Norwood location, they would expand and move their services to another additional space. If this happens, Utecht says, "They may begin development of a facility in Delhi, which the corporation has already committed to as their next location.” This would create an easy commute for any students living on campus or for those living close in the area.

Not only does a student earn tuition assistance and an hourly wage but they also gain useful job skills that prepares them to become successful is a variety of fields. “It’s a great career development opportunity,” says Utecht. “Students also develop communication and problem solving skills while gaining self-confidence and becoming business savvy.”

How to learn more

Since Education at Work is a growing company there are a large amount of jobs available. College students can apply online at

“They have a very well-conceived and designed online assessment,” says Utecht. The application process provides a realistic simulation of what it’s like to work at the company so students can experience exactly what the job is like.

For additional information stop by and see Utecht in the Career and Experiential Education Center in Seton Center or contact him through email or by phone at (513) 244-4712.