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DPT students get physical

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Students doing an outdoor lab.

Mount DPT students in Dr. Lisa Dehner's Neuroscience course took to the quad for laboratory this week. Besides getting some fresh air and natural atmosphere, the goal of lab, according to Dr. Dehner, was to review the components of the resting membrane potential, the process of action potential generation and propagation as well as synaptic transmission. Each group went through several scenarios where each student took on a ‘role’ to act out these complicated processes.

Students had to work together to decide who took on what role- and how many actors in that role they needed, how they were going to organize the group and the choreography of the processes. Cones to demark the cell membrane and name badges with their roles (e.g. sodium channel, neurotransmitter) helped clarify the role-play.

"This was a fun and unique way to review the concepts of neural signaling. Students had to collaborate to come up with a cohesive and accurate performance", says Dr. Dehner. Each scenario was performed for Dr. Dehner and discussed for accuracy and nuance.

After some smaller scenarios, at the end, the whole lab had to come together to put it all together.