Mount St. Joseph University

Department of Athletic Training Recognizes Student Award Winners


By: BC Charles-Liscombe

On April 24th, the Department of Athletic Training celebrated the acheivements of the AT and Health and Wellness program students at its annual Scholar Night.  Senior AT students presented critically appraised topic posters and senior Health and Wellness students shared thier practicum portfolios from the Fall 2016 semester.    Following the reception, the department recognized award recipients for academic, clinical, and peer-education achievements.   


The following students were recognized: 

AT Rookies of the Year Award - Rachel Drieling and Spencer Kandra
AT Sophomore Clinician Award - Nate Clark and Logan Chowning
AT Sophomore Academic Award – Logan Chowning
AT Junior Clinician Award – Nathan Herdeman and Madison Perry
AT Junior Academic Award – Jessica Baker and Michael Huber
AT Senior Peer Educator Award –Cheyenne Tobler
AT Senior Clinical Award –– Sam Barth
AT Senior Academic Award – Sam Barth and Katie Seither

Outstanding Health and Wellness Student of the Year – Nathan Bauer


The Athletic Training students also recognized the leadership of Jessica Holley, first year preceptor at the Mount, with the Outstanding Preceptor of the Year Award.