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Congratulations, 2016 Social Work Graduates!

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The School of Behavioral and Natural Sciences congratulates its “super six” social work graduates for their outstanding work inside and outside the classroom.

The six graduates, pictured, have spent hours getting to know their community and its needs, and on December 8, 2016, they graduated with their Bachelor’s degrees in Social Work and have prepared to enter the professional workplace or continue on to graduate school. All six graduates are looking forward to their respective futures:

Catherine Schultz

During her time at the Mount, Catherine Schultz completed her field placement at Beech Acres Parenting Center of Cincinnati, who offered her a full-time position with them upon her graduation. Schultz has also passed her state licensure test to become a Licensed Social Worker.

Olivia Karnes

Now that she has graduated, Olivia Karnes finds that her options are vast. Currently working at Tri-Health, Karnes is weighing her options as to whether she would like to continue her education through graduate school or whether she would like to join the professional workforce. While at the Mount, she completed her field placement with Jobs and Family Services.

Jillian Zwick

Jillian Zwick, a non-traditional student, completed her field placement at the Hospice of Cincinnati, and during her time at the Mount, Zwick was also part of the honors club of Phi Alpha. Though she does not plan to attend graduate school at this time, Zwick is keeping her options open as to what the future might hold.

Maria Destefano

Like Olivia Karnes, Maria Destefano completed her field placement at Jobs and Family Services, and prior to graduation, she was offered a position with the Ongoing Children's Services Department at Jobs and Family Services. Also during her time at the Mount, Destefano was a part of Phi Alpha.

Sterry Johnson

Another non-traditional student and a veteran, Sterry Johnson graduated with his five female classmates this December. He completed his field placement at the Children’s Home, and like many of his fellows, he is keeping his future open to possibilities.

Erin King

President of Phi Alpha and the Mount’s Social Work Club, Erin King participated in the Mount’s United Nations course, a course focused on the UN’s goals to make the world a better place, and as part of her own personal goals to make the world better, King chose to complete her field placement with the Salvation Army and to focus on human trafficking. Having completed her undergraduate degree, King plans to attend the University of Missouri and earn her Master’s degree in Social Work.

Congratulations, once again, to the December 2016 Mount Social Work graduates!

Photo (left to right): Catherine Schultz, Olivia Karnes, Jillian Zwick, Maria Destefano, Sterry Johnson, Erin King