Mount St. Joseph University

Commuter Council Seeks New Blood

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Sasha Feldmann

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When people speak about the “college experience,” a key aspect of that is the friendships you build there. With that in mind, the students who live on campus have an advantage. They spend more time here, which means more experiences and more opportunities to build connections. For commuters, it can be more difficult to form relationships at school and cement the “college experience.” The opportunities are more rare. At Mount St. Joseph, equal and ample opportunities are a priority.

Summer Hamilton is a senior, a Health and Wellness major, and a commuter. She has been working to reestablish the Commuter Council, which was disbanded in 2016. Commuter Council is a club dedicated to creating a positive experience for all commuters on campus. They plan to do this through organizing, funding, and hosting social events, such as ice cream socials or parties in the quad. Through this, commuters have more chances to meet each other and build those essential connections.

Currently, the club is in its preliminary stages, and Hamilton would welcome student help. All of the officer positions are available. There is space for a club president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Non-commuters are welcome as well; a resident perspective is always appreciated. The best way to join at this point in time is to contact Warren Grove, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement and Leadership. Joining Commuter Council in itself is a valuable way to meet other commuters and be instrumental in carrying out the club’s mission of helping commuter students build relationships, perform well academically, and become active members and leaders of the Mount community. 

“Forming a community of commuter students is so important,” Hamilton says, “because being with other students that share something with you makes your experience that much more fulfilling.”

The best way to join at this point in time would be to email Warren Grove and express interest as the club outlines its future. The only thing that is expected of members is to participate in meetings and events. Members do not have to apply for officer positions, and you certainly do not have to be a member to attend events. Whatever your level of involvement, it will be  rewarding, and has definite potential to shape and enrich a commuter’s college experience.