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Cincinnati State, College of Mount St. Joseph sign academic agreement

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Cincinnati State and the College of Mount St. Joseph have signed an articulation agreement designed to establish an efficient pathway for students.

In broad terms, the agreement stipulates that Cincinnati State students who graduate with an associate of arts, associate of science and other degrees and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA will be able to transfer all their academic credits and apply them toward a bachelor’s degree at the Mount.

Transferring students might face other requirements to enter specific programs at the Mount, but in most instances they will not be required to repeat core courses they have already taken at Cincinnati State.

“This gives our students more options for their long-term educational plans,” said Monica Posey, Ph.D., academic vice president at Cincinnati State. “We’ve long had articulation agreements with a number of schools in the region, and it’s a pleasure for us to be able to build such a bridge to a college with such a fine academic reputation.”

Maggie Davis, Ph.D., associate academic dean at the College of Mount St. Joseph, said, “The College of Mount St. Joseph is very pleased to continue to enrich the partnership with Cincinnati State to educate the citizens of Greater Cincinnati.”

“This articulation focuses in particular on our criminology, social work and sport management degree pathways which are Mount baccalaureate degree programs that provide students interested in those fields of study with excellent preparation for future careers,” Davis added. “Students who transfer from Cincinnati State to the Mount have proven to be well prepared for the continuation of their studies.”

The agreement between Cincinnati State and the Mount comes in the context of efforts by Ohio policymakers to make it easier for students to transfer from one institution of higher education to another. The recent transition of all Ohio colleges and universities to a semester-based academic calendar is part of this effort, as are institution-specific agreements such as this.

The relationship between “two-year” colleges and those offering baccalaureate degrees and higher is an important one. Nationally, 45 percent of students earning a degree at a four-year institution in the 2010-11 academic year had previously attended a two-year institution, according to the National Student Clearinghouse. (In Ohio the rate is 31 percent, in Indiana 34 percent and Kentucky 43 percent.) The National Student Clearinghouse data also suggest that graduates of two-year schools are dedicated learners: 71 percent of associate degree graduates who transfer to a four-year institution complete a bachelor’s degree within four years and another 8 percent are still enrolled.

Among the details of the articulation agreement between Cincinnati State and the College of Mount St. Joseph:
• Transfer students will be accorded the same class standing and other privileges as native students.
• The Mount will guarantee admission and afford junior standing to all students who have earned an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree from Cincinnati State, provided their grade point average is at least 2.0 for all previous college-level courses.
• Transfer students from Cincinnati State will be considered for admission to selective programs at the Mount (involving majors and minors or fields of concentration) under the same guidelines that apply to native students.
• All collegiate-level credit transferred from Cincinnati State shall be accepted toward the student’s class standing and, when possible, articulated to specific Mount courses.