Mount St. Joseph University

Chemistry Department Open House


By: Mark Fischer

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The Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences invites you to an open house on Monday, 18 February, from 9am-4pm.

Drop in at any time and talk with our faculty, meet our students, tour the department, or sit in on a class.


  • Biochemistry: Nucleic Acid Structure (CHE 326) SC101


  • Gen. and Organic Chem. (CHE 104) CL11
  • General Chemistry II (CHE 112) SC113
  • Organic Chemistry II (CHE 212) SC101
  • Physical Chemistry II (CHE 355) SC314
  • Physical Science (PHY 105) SC25


  • General Chemistry II (CHE 112) SC113
  • General Physics II (PHY 202) CL11

Stop by SC 108 any time on Monday.


Email or call (513) 244-4781.