Mount St. Joseph University

Charlotte (Strange) Scarcelli ’65 Shares Rules for Mount Students From the 1960s

Mount News: alumni magazine

By: Kara Gebhardt-Uhl

• We had to be dressed whenever we left our dorm rooms, in blouses and skirts, or dresses—no slacks, no “pedal pushers,” and no shorts!

• We had to wear hose at all times—no knee socks, no anklets. The hose could have more runs than actual stocking, but they had to be able to stay up.

• We were to dress modestly at all times, and we were expected to act like ladies everywhere, but especially in public. We sat upright at our classroom desks—no sprawling or slouching!

• We were expected to make our beds before leaving our rooms.

• In the evenings, we had from after dinner until 7 p.m. to socialize, study or practice (music, language labs, etc.), as well as find and load up on Cokes and collect our mail.

• From 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., we were expected to be in our rooms studying, in silence—no radio, no loud talking, and no singing.

• We had from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. to get ready for bed (quietly).

• No hot plates in the dorms.

• Those of us who had windows in our dorms stored our Cokes on the outside windowsill and prayed we’d remember to bring them in before they froze. If the Cokes froze, the bottles broke and scattered glass shards all over the driveway below our windows, and we got in trouble.