Mount St. Joseph University

Campus Ambassadors Unsung Heroes of the Mount

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Ryan Korengel

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During the weeks following Thanksgiving, I am taking time to give thanks to perhaps the most underappreciated students at Mount St. Joseph University, the Campus Ambassadors. My first visit to the then-College of Mount St. Joseph came during my junior year of high school. At that point, I had narrowed my college search down to about five schools. After my visit to the Mount, I cancelled some of my other visits, leaving just two others for comparison purposes. I only applied to one school and was accepted in September of 2013, making me the first freshman to submit a deposit to what later became the new Mount St. Joseph University.

You’re probably wondering what it was about my visit to this small Catholic liberal arts college that was so intriguing that I knew coming here would be the best decision I would ever make. It wasn’t the location, outstanding academic programs, or the opportunity to play a collegiate sport, although all of these were attractive features as well. What actually made me so certain that Mount St. Joseph University would be the perfect school for me was the deep connection that the Campus Ambassador felt and expressed for the school. I knew within minutes of beginning the campus tour that I wanted to be a part of this community.

Mount St. Joseph University is doing so many things well that would appeal to high school students everywhere, but in a highly competitive college market, it is often difficult to separate us from much larger universities. That is why our Campus Ambassadors are so important to the Mount community.

I’m sure many of you are wondering what Campus Ambassadors do or how you can get involved, while others probably didn’t even know that the university has student Campus Ambassadors. Regardless, these Campus Ambassadors represent all of us, as students, so it’s the least we can do to recognize their good works. I recently interviewed a few of our Campus Ambassadors to fully understand what it means to be one.

Junior Andi Saylor told me that she originally became a Campus Ambassador two years ago, so that she could “share [her] excitement for the Mount with prospective students.” Saylor told me that being a Campus Ambassador allows her to “tell [her] story so that others can create their own story here. We are simply eager to show high school students what a great place the Mount is.”

Junior Kara Marshall’s journey to becoming a Campus Ambassador was quite different, but she shows the same pride in holding the position. Marshall began by giving campus tours to football recruits and she enjoyed it so much that she chose to become a Campus Ambassador. Marshall explained that Campus Ambassadors are responsible for “being the face of the university and representing the Mount in a positive light.”

As senior Kelsey Howard recalls, “Ever since I took my first tour of the Mount, I knew being a Campus Ambassador was something I wanted to do.” Howard didn’t waste much time before officially becoming a Campus Ambassador in 2014. Moving forward, she says the Campus Ambassadors “plan to continue giving thorough, friendly, and professional campus tours with enthusiasm and pride.”

Becoming a Campus Ambassador is certainly a great way for students to get involved and make an impact on campus. Unfortunately, six of our Campus Ambassadors will be graduating soon, but that also means that there will be even more opportunity for new Campus Ambassadors to leave their mark on this campus. Campus Ambassadors host multiple events on campus and give campus tours, but they work with alumni, as well. Any opportunity to meet alumni could significantly help a current college student with networking and reaching long-term career goals.

When you leave Delhi upon graduation, do you want to be remembered as just another student, or do you want to leave a legacy as someone who exposed so many others to this wonderful university? Perhaps you could be the next Campus Ambassador to join the team.