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Bird banding nets 36 species of birds

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Photo of a bird.

More than 140 birds were successfully banded by Dr. Jill Russell of the Mount's biology department and her team at a bird banding session yesterday at Hueston Woods.  

"We had our third largest morning in the last 12 years," Russell said. "We banded 143, recaptured six for a total of 149 individuals from 36 species (of birds)."

Dr. Russell said among the birds banded, they had 18 warbler species; 30 Swainson's Thrushes; three vireo species (including Philadelphia), and a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak to compare the wing lining with last week's male bird that was banded.

Russell and her team band every Tuesday and Thursday morning at Hueston Woods until November 1. Students and visitors are welcome to watch the bird banding and learn about birding. Dr. Russell is a nationally-known birder.