Mount St. Joseph University

Aspiring Film Makers Honored at Festival

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Sydney Dotson

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The Department of Communication and New Media Studies recently invited high school students to submit a one to seven minute short film to be judged in order to win a small scholarship. The Second Annual New Media Film Festival was held on April 17, coordinated by Dr. Lisa Crews and Dr. Robert Bodle. There were three categories that the films fell into: Documentary and Social Change, Experimental, and Short Narrative.

Maria Lopez, Latasha Hamner, Jacob Nobbe and his AV club, and Ashley Martin were the high school students who participated in the film festival this year. The students were incredibly talented, focusing on issues like the Ohio Innocence Project and bullying, their documentary films appealed to our emotions and made us think about issues that are important to us.

The experimental films were described as films that challenged the convention of documentary and narrative modes of filmmaking. Each of these three films were different. Jacob Nobbe and his AV club created an almost silent film, about a stick-up. It was hilarious and everyone was intrigued by the effort that must have went into the editing; however Jacob informed us he edited it in one night.

The short narrative category, included the viewer’s choice film “Aspiring Astrology” created by the AV club. The viewing of the films was followed by a questions and answer with the filmmakers. It was interesting to understand how the filmmakers came up with and edited their films. You could see how excited these students were to continue their film career, some even attending college next year. I look forward to next year’s film festival and more incredible film makers.