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Artists Share Painting Talents

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What happens when you mix artists, house paint, and a concrete wall? You get a stunning mural that showcases Delhi's new farmers' market. What began as a request from the Delhi Parks and Recreation Department to John Griffith, chair of the art and design department, is now an incredible and fun way for students to share their time and talents with the community.

Students Katie Jacobs, Courtney New, and Marissa Wisman know this firsthand, as they designed the mural, under the guidance of art and design faculty members Susan Lawrence and Craig Lloyd. Katie, a junior, and Courtney a senior, are both majoring in art education. Marissa is a senior majoring in graphic design and photography. Once the team at Delhi Parks and Recreation and the Delhi Board of Trustees approved the design at the end of May, the artists began their work, first completing the complicated transfer of the design to the 18 x 8 foot concrete wall using giant rolls of butcher paper, oil pastels and permanent markers.

The mural features the Delhi Historical Society building, a basket brimming with fruits and vegetables, flowers (Delhi's unofficial trademark) and the Mount's iconic Mater Dei Chapel bell tower. The mural is located on the side of a building next to Clearview Lake at Delhi Park, where the farmer's market is held.

You can catch the student and faculty artists in action with their paints and brushes every Saturday, between 9:30 am and 1:30 pm, during the farmer's market at Delhi Park. All involved expect the mural masterpiece to be completed by August.