Mount St. Joseph University

An Opportunity Strikes

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Katie Drinkuth

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No matter what their interests or talents are, Mount students can find something to enjoy, and also connect with others who share the same ideas and hobbies. Samuel Mays, president of the Bowling Club, which was started over four years ago, says that the club is an opportunity worth checking out for anyone looking for a new and fun activity.

The club’s only goal is for students to enjoy themselves and make new friends. “It doesn’t matter if you bowl a 300 or a 30,” Mays says, “We are all just there to have some fun.”

As president, Mays is the leader of the five-member bowling council which plans weekly bowling nights at Stump’s Lanes and intermittent tournaments between students throughout the year. Every Sunday night from 9 to 11, any Mount student can bowl for only five dollars, which includes the price of shoes. Though the club does not compete against other college teams, club members can compete in the tournaments for prizes.

Even if you are not a good bowler or have never even played the game, the Bowling Club is still an activity anyone looking for a good time should give it a chance. You do not need to join the club or register to participate. Simply show up to Sunday bowling night, because the club is always welcoming and looking for new faces.

Mays, who is happy that he joined the club after his brother told him about it, encourages everyone to try it out.