Mount St. Joseph University

An Inside Look on Being a Twin

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Katie Drinkuth

File Under: dateline

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a twin? To have someone always by your side whether you like it or not? Well for this month’s article, I got the pleasure of interviewing one of the five sets of twins who attend the Mount, LaTaya and Nave Winn. I asked them a series of questions about what it is like to be a twin and some of the annoying things people without twins commonly ask them. The answers I got were not only interesting and funny, but heartwarming as well.

First of all, I asked the twins about the number one most annoying question they get asked about being twins. I was expecting them to rattle off multiple annoyances but instead they explained that they honestly do not mind the common questions because they are so used to them. If they had to pick an answer it would be that people often ask them if they are related when they are clearly identical twins or who the bad twin is and who the good twin is. The only response to that was that given by Nave who explained that she is the blunt twin while LaTaya is more laid back.

Next I asked the Winn twins about their involvement in sports and school together. They have played the same sports together their whole lives: golf, track, and basketball. They currently play basketball for the Mount, and because they have always done sports together, I asked if they had always planned of going to the same college. At first, they were open to going to different schools but then both decided to go to the Mount so that they could pursue basketball and science majors. They also dorm together and wouldn’t want it any other way because they are so used to being together. At the Mount, they also said that this is the first time they have the same friend group. Believe it or not, in grade school and high school they both had different friends.

Finally, I asked the twins about crazy twin myths to either debunk or confirm. In the middle of the interview, they said the exact same thing at the same time and explained that they finish each other’s sentences and say the same thing all the time. I then asked about feeling each other’s pain or having twin telepathy. The twins have never physically felt something the other had experienced, but they did have a moment of twin telepathy in which they had the exact same nightmare without the other one knowing about it. In the end, Nave and LaTaya wouldn’t have it any other way and love being twins. I hope this is able to answer anyone’s questions about what it is really like to have a twin. I know it answered mine. 

Photo: LaTaya (left) and Nave (right)