Mount St. Joseph University

ALICE Training Offers Valuable Tools

Dateline: student newspaper

By: David Fischer

File Under: alice, criminology, safety

There are few things scarier in the mind of a student than the idea of a shooter on campus. The sense of danger and fear that accompanies it could make you feel powerless. Luckily, Dr. Brooke Gialopsos, assistant professor in the Department of Criminology, has offered us a solution. ALICE training, which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate, is a program which offers to teach you the tools you’ll need to survive a crisis situation. “Different situations will require different tools,” says Gialopsos. “These are not unique to the school setting. These skills translate across all settings and circumstances.”

ALICE training was designed by a police officer and school principal couple, who after discussing the Columbine tragedy many years ago, realized that what a police officer might teach you to do would be vastly different from what a teacher would tell you. The officer, having taught his own children, realized he had an obligation to teach others. Gialopsos describes it as simply as: “If we’re going to teach our own kids about how to survive an incident, why not teach all students?”

ALICE training will soon become a normal part of College of Mount St. Joseph orientation. Having studied the events of Columbine and Virginia Tech, this new first response training program promises to save lives and turn the tables on any attacker.