Mount St. Joseph University

A Night Out with the Reds

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Matthew Morris

Since I moved to Cincinnati in January 2014, I have learned a lot of what this city holds dear as far as traditions and uniqueness goes. Things such as Skyline Chili, Graeter’s Ice Cream, and Rhinegeist Beer are all special to Cincinnati. Then there is the Cincinnati sports scene that this city has such as the annual UC/Xavier basketball rivalry, the battle between all of the different local high schools, and, of course, Reds and Bengals games. Cincinnati Reds games are something like no other city has to offer in the country and I have been fortunate enough to have been through a lot of them in my time here.

For the 2015 and 2016 baseball seasons I worked for the Cincinnati Reds doing part-time seasonal work around their stadium, Great American Ballpark. During that time I experienced a fair share of Reds games and saw almost everything that a baseball game could offer. It was not until this year that I finally got to enjoy a Reds game as a fan and not as an employee.

Although I am not a Reds fan necessarily at heart (Go, Orioles!) I still value the experience of attending a professional baseball game no matter who’s playing. So when my friends asked me if I wanted to go to a Friday night Reds game against the (defending World Series champions) Chicago Cubs, of course I said yes. Dressed in my Orioles jersey, I rode down with friends to the ballpark where we bought the cheapest tickets we could (college student budgets) to go into the game. Once inside the ballpark we happened to run into another friend of mine who had an inside man with free tickets out on the iconic boathouse that the Reds have at their stadium. Naturally we jumped at the opportunity for free tickets in a nicer section of the stadium and enjoyed the game, in all of its cold and rainy glory that night. Unfortunately for all the Reds fans that night, the Cubs won in extra innings 6-5.

There is something about the nostalgia of attending a Major League Baseball game in America that brings out some of the best in people. The only thing that could have made my night at the Reds game any better was if it were not drizzling rain and below 40 degrees all night. Regardless of the nasty weather and the Reds losing in extra innings, I was still able to enjoy the game and my experience as a fan at the Reds game with the help of my awesome friends that joined me on that Friday night.

Photo: Morris (back row, right) poses with friends at a Reds game.