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Just as college provides assistance in adulting, finances, and career, it also provides students with the opportunity to become a part of the community by contributing and connecting with others in a meaningful, lasting way.

At Mount St. Joseph University, there are many ways students can become civically engaged with their communities and the larger world, whether by joining a club, attending an event, or volunteering. Below are a few ways that students can become involved, connect with others, and make a difference:

Service Learning

  • Available to all majors, graduate and undergraduate
  • Enables students to volunteer with a local organization while completing class credit
  • Students learn about human rights and social justice, diversity and inclusion, and the impact that an organization has on a community.
  • But more than anything, service learning teaches students what it means to be part of a greater whole and how each volunteer can contribute to a lasting impact.

Center for Ethical Leadership

  • Encourages a relationship between local organizations and the Mount community by sponsoring events that promote ethical leadership and responsibility
  • One of the Center’s major events, the Duffey Conway Ethical Leadership Series, serves as a platform on which collaborative conversation can take place. This yearly event features key speakers who discuss leadership, ethics, and civic engagement.
  • Another opportunity, Leadership Unwrapped, offers students a chance to meet during a Lunch & Learn to Connect, Commit, Lead, and Grow. At the end of each 8 week informal but interactive seminar, students receive a co-curricular leadership certificate for each level completed as well as greater knowledge about leading responsibly.

Student Organizations

  • Joining a student organization can be a great way to work in the community while being surrounded by like-minded people who want to make a difference.
  • Impact Cincinnati is a group dedicated to living the Mount’s Mission through their service at non-profit organizations of the Greater Cincinnati area, and during the school year, they volunteer collectively for a monthly service project. They also sponsor the annual Welcome Week service project.
  • Another prominent service club, the Mount’s Habitat for Humanity chapter, assists in the construction of houses for those in need.

Voter Registration

  • As part of the Campus Election Engagement Project, Mount St. Joseph offers services that help students become informed about voting, including voter registration assistance, absentee ballot request assistance, official issue and candidate lists, explanations of voter eligibility and registration requirements, and polling location information.
  • During the fall, students can participate in a variety of events that help inform them of their civic world, such as Constitution Day on September 16th. For a more detailed list of 2016 events, visit Service Learning coordinator Keith Lanser’s news post about the Mount’s voter initiative. 

For more information on Service Learning, The Center for Ethical Leadership, Student Organizations like Impact Cincinnati and Habitat for Humanity, and Voter Registration, follow the links.

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