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A Closer Look at the Natural Sciences Major for Adult Students: Q&A with Dr. Christa Currie

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By: Amanda Gratsch

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We know life is busy. And the Mount’s adult undergraduate programs provide the flexibility needed for the working adult with a variety of support services dedicated to your success. We asked Christa Currie, Ph.D. chair of the Department of Chemistry and associate professor a few questions on the Natural Sciences major and the benefits it offers, including convenient learning formats, career potential and strategic pairing of minors to prepare students to meet their future goals.

Describe the convenient, flexible scheduling for adult students in this major.

The courses required for the Natural Sciences degree are offered in a wide variety of formats for adult students. This major can be completed using the more traditional daytime classes, or we offer an option that is a blend of evening and online for students who may not be able to attend classes during the day. The Chemistry and Biology Departments have worked together to develop a course rotation for these evening and online courses to ensure degree completion.

What is the career potential for the Natural Sciences Major?

The Natural Sciences degree has a wide range of career options. Students have used this major as a way for preparing for graduate programs in the health sciences such as Physical Therapy or the MSN-MAGELIN program. This program would also be useful for students who may have an associate’s degree in some area of science and would like to complete their bachelor’s degree in the evening.

In addition, students can pair the Natural Sciences degree with a minor appropriate for their career interests. For example, a Natural Sciences degree with a chemistry minor is excellent preparation for an entry level researcher position.

What minors would pair well with the Natural Sciences major in preparation for graduate school?

I would suggest minors that reflect the student’s career goals. For example, a student who earned a degree in Natural Sciences with a business administration minor would have all the courses necessary to enter our MBA program. Students who go on to graduate programs in the health sciences often earn a minor in Biology or Psychology.

Interested in exploring all of the adult undergraduate options the Mount offers? Be sure to visit our adult student information page for more information on the natural sciences, liberal arts and social work majors. With more than 35 options in majors, minors and programs, the Mount’s adult undergraduate programs provide the flexibility needed for the working adult with faculty dedicated to your success alongside a variety of support services.

Dr. Currie is the department chair of chemistry and associate professor at Mount St. Joseph University. Her research interests include the determination of adulteration in cremain samples using inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and capillary electrophoresis (CE) as well as the investigation of heparin purity using CE. Visit her bio page and contact information here.