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Students Serving as Campus Ministers Now Eligible for Financial Awards

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By: London Bishop

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Mount St. Joseph University students who are actively involved and interested in campus ministry can now earn financial awards for their dedication and hard work.

The Student Campus Minister Award will provide opportunities for students to serve as student campus ministers through the Office of Mission Integration. Students will serve as leaders of interfaith prayer, assist with student retreat experiences, serve as prayer leaders for our athletic teams, engage in service activities, and assume leadership for other campus ministry events throughout the academic year.

Sister Karen Elliott, Director of Mission Integration, says “As a Catholic university, we are blessed to have a unique opportunity to promote faith leadership in our students. Campus Ministry plays a vital role in the MSJ community, enriching campus life and helping our students live and thrive in the mission of the University as well as in the values and vision of the Sisters of Charity.”

The Student Campus Minister Award is $1,000 per semester ($2,000/year). The award is renewable for up to four years, as long at the student is actively participating in Campus Ministry while attending Mount St. Joseph University.

This scholarship is available to incoming freshmen with a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA. Applicants must be actively involved in a faith tradition; exhibit an openness to persons of other faith traditions; provide two (2) letters of recommendation--one from a leader of his/her faith tradition (priest, minister, rabbi, imam, youth pastor, etc.), and one from a high school teacher; and submit a personal response essay.

The Student Campus Minister Award is one of many financial awards available to MSJ students. Awards are also available for students majoring in music and students participating in an Ensemble.