Robert Bodle | Mount St. Joseph University

Associate Professor

Department of Communication and New Media Studies


Ph.D. Critical Studies, University of Southern California; M.A. Film Studies and Interdisciplinary Humanities, Arizona State University; B.A. English-American Comparative Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Expertise: Internet law and ethics, human rights and the Internet (privacy and freedom of expression), surveillance, digital advertising.


Dr. Bodle is an Associate Professor of Communication and New Media Studies. He has published extensively on the ethical and human rights implications of social media design, governance, and use, focusing primarily on privacy and freedom of expression. At the Mount, Dr. Bodle teaches Social Media and Social Change, Human Rights in the Digital Age, New Media Law and Ethics, Visual Communication, and Digital Video Production and Post-Production.

Select publications appear in the Journal of International Communication; Information, Communication, & Society; Computers & Society; and in book collections The Ethics of Emerging Media: Information, Social Norms, and New Media Technology (2011); Teaching Arts and Science with the New Social Media (2011); Generation Facebook (2011); The Ubiquitous Internet: User and Industry Perspectives (2014); and Explorations in Critical Advertising Studies (2016).

He is a Steering Member of the Internet Rights and Principles Coalition under the United Nations' Internet Governance Forum.