Charitable Remainder Trust | Mount St. Joseph University


  • The donor gives assets to a trust and receives income for a designated period of time or until death. After that time, the remaining assets go to the Mount.


The donor creates one of two types of irrevocable trusts:

  • A Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust pays a fixed dollar amount -- not less than 5 percent -- to the donor, or one or more beneficiaries, leaving the remainder to the Mount.
  • A Charitable Remainder Unitrust pays a fixed percentage -- of 5 percent or more of the net fair market value of its assets -- to the donor, or one or more beneficiaries, leaving the remainder to the Mount.

The trust must pay a fixed percentage or dollar amount annually for a term less than 20 years, or for the life, or lives, of individual beneficiaries.

When payments to the individual terminate, the remainder of the trust is transferred to the Mount.


  • The donor can give a larger gift for the ultimate benefit of the Mount and still retain a lifetime income.
  • With a unitrust, the donor or other individuals receive income that increases as the trust assets appreciate (although if the value depreciates, income will decrease).
  • With an annuity trust, the donor is guaranteed a fixed income from the trust.

Tax Consequences

  • The donor receives a current income, gift, or estate tax deduction for the present value of the charitable remainder interest.
  • The donor avoids capital gains tax if the gift is made with appreciated property.

Contact Information

E-mail Mark Osborne,  or call (513) 244-4892 or (800) 654-9314 ext. 4475. He can help you create a charitable gift plan that will fulfill your financial and philanthropic goals.

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