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Our specialized career development programs provide students with professional networking opportunities.

The Career and Experiential Education Center promises to provide your student with access to transformative experiences by integrating work, study and personal development opportunities to produce career ready graduates with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to enter the workforce or continue on to graduate school.

Encourage your student to connect with the professionals in the Career Center to take advantage of the following opportunities:

Talent Opportunity Program (TOP): Check out this innovative program and encourage your student to enroll. TOP is strategically structured to foster involvement throughout the undergraduate experience to produce career ready graduates!

Cooperative Education (Co-op): Founded in 1982 with a commitment to provide work experiences for all undergraduate majors, our co-op program is a partnership with faculty, staff and employers working together to provide your student with outstanding opportunities to work in career related fields based on personal goals and academic preparation.

Career Development: We know you’re devoted to your student’s academic and professional growth opportunities. We are too. Discover the numerous services offered through the Career Center to assure your student’s success.

Service Learning: Our Plus One program is innovative and unique. Students work with their faculty member and a community partner to gain the best possible experience while contributing to the well-being of our community.

Study Abroad and Cultural Immersion: It’s a big world out there! How often have you heard that expression? We provide options for travel and immersion experiences that qualify for academic credit.


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