Course Selection | Mount St. Joseph University
Students in class.

Each semester, you'll work with an advisor to choose the courses you need to earn a degree.

As you begin to think about course selection, you'll choose from the following areas:

  • Core Curriculum Classes represent the Mount’s commitment to an interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Sciences curriculum. Through these courses you'll gain valuable workplace skills, along with a liberal arts foundation that will help you thrive in a complicated and diverse world.
  • Major Courses are courses required in your chosen major.
  • General Electives are courses you want to take that are not required for a major or to satisfy Core Curriculum requirements.

Course Selection

Most courses are worth three credit hours. If your goal is to graduate in four years, you'll need to average 16 credit hours each semester. We often recommend first-year students take fewer than 16 credit hours their first semester. This helps with the transition to college-level work and doesn't typically delay graduation.

Most new first-time students will enroll in the following courses in their first semester:

  • IDS 100 Foundations Seminar (Interdisciplinary Studies) All new freshmen will have a summer reading and pre-assignment for IDS 100 Foundations Seminar. We'll distribute summer reading materials during the Orientation Sessions.
  • A communication studies course.
  • PSY 103 Introduction to Psychology OR SOC 103 Introduction to Sociology
  • An additional freshman level class in the Core Curriculum, e.g., history, literature, mathematics, science, religious studies or music.
  • One or two courses in your selected major or in an area of interest if you are undeclared.


Look at the Undergraduate Catalog to get familiar with courses and general academic procedures. You'll also find more information on advising and on student responsibilities. Remember, you must complete your course schedule before attending an Orientation Session.