TOP requires that students complete 3 CED courses (CED 220, 320, and 420) to achieve Gold Level. The courses are designed to assist student’s progress in their career development and personal awareness. The courses are structured to be building blocks for a student’s professional career. A “C” or better must be achieved in each course for it to fulfill the requirement.

  • CED 220 Foundations of Professionalism lays the foundation for a student’s search for a co-op position. During the semester students will learn how to construct an effective resume and cover letter. Interviewing and networking are also covered during this course to ensure the students are well prepared for the co-op search process.
  • CED 320 Building Your Professional Edge assists students in critically thinking about the brand they are portraying. During the course students will begin to create their own brand while developing the skills to make them stand out to potential employers.
  • CED 420 Accelerating Your Professional Career allows students to think beyond the classroom. During the semester students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to help them be successful in their first professional position. This course takes a strengths approach which will allow students develop their competitive edge.

Leadership Development Opportunities

The Leadership Development Opportunities (LDO) are designed to allow students the opportunity to explore their interests and leadership abilities on campus. A wide variety of experiences count as an LDO, to allow students to customize their experience. A student can only count each experience once time, requiring 3 different LDO’s to achieve Gold level. Other opportunities can approved at the discretion of the TOP advisor. Below is a list of LDO options:

  • Club Leader/Officer (verification required by advisor)
  • Service Learning (Plus 1 credit option)
  • Campus Ministry Leadership Team
  • Resident Assistant
  • Orientation Leader
  • Leadership Unwrapped Certificates
  • Ethics Bowl Program (ETH PHI 203 Contemporary Moral Debate)
  • Ethical Leadership Courses
  • Study Abroad

Approved Experiential Education

Gaining professional experience prior to graduation is crucial to developing your competitive edge.
The Mount offers co-op opportunities to every major on campus, you can begin co-oping your
sophomore year (see the Career & Experiential Education Center for more information). A variety
of majors on campus incorporate an experiential education component into the curriculum. The
following are approved experiential education components:

  • Co-op
  • Student teaching
  • Clinicals
  • Field Placement

TOP Events

TOP events are designed to complement the student’s major of study and the professional
development courses. In order to achieve Gold level a student must attend 7 events. Students are
encouraged to attend courses that are pertinent to their career goals. A wide variety of TOP
approved events are offered each year. A yearly calendar will be sent to students at the beginning
of each semester.

Opportunities and events will be updated regularly. Check with the TOP Program Advisor in the Career & Experiential Education Center for a current listing or to request consideration.



Eligible graduates will continue to be supported by the Career & Experiential Education Center staff after earning their degree. The Mount has partnered with PROMARK, a Career Partners International Firm, to provide consultation and support to eligible graduates. Gold level TOP graduates, who meet the eligibility criteria, and need services six months after graduation will be offered, at no charge, options for services through PROMARK, valued at $2500.


Eligibility requirements for PROMARK services include, a student must meet monthly with the assistant director in the Career & Experiential Education Center during the six months following graduation, must graduate with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA, and must be able to prove they have conducted a thorough job search.