The Talent Opportunity Program is an innovative and comprehensive career readiness program. TOP provides students with the knowledge and experience to give them a competitive edge, by connecting classroom learning, experiences, and professional development.

Students who participate in the program will graduate with a set of skills that will be invaluable in their professional careers. TOP also offers students the opportunity to personalize their experience, by choosing the leadership opportunities and events to attend based on their personal interests and career goals. Individualized attention will be given to all TOP students by the Career & Experiential Education Center staff.

About TOP

The Mount’s Talent Opportunity Program (TOP) provides full-time undergraduate students with a structured and comprehensive opportunity throughout college to gain superior skills important to today’s workplace including:

  • Career planning.
  • Professionalism.
  • Ethical leadership.

Program Requirements

  • An approved employment experience
  • Completion of CED 220, “Foundations of Professionalism”
  • Completion of CED 370, “Creating Your Career: How to Map Your Professional Journey”
  • Attendance at 8 distinct events that meet NACE career readiness competencies
  • Participation in at least 2 distinct Leadership Development opportunities or courses
  • One-on-one career coaching with the TOP Advisor related to job search during final year.

While all students can participate in any of these activities, through TOP, students can structure these experiences and obtain career preparation by completing academic courses and engaging in experiences that will give Mount students a competitive edge. Students may earn Gold Level, Silver Level and Bronze Level status based on performance and activity level. Learn more about the different achievement levels.


  • One-hundred percent of Gold Level graduates have secured full-time employment or admission to graduate school within six months of graduation.
  • TOP is available to all students and is flexible regardless of major.
  • Individualized support is given to each TOP student
  • TOP is customized to each student's career path.

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Students may enroll in the program by attending a TOP orientation at the beginning of the fall semester, or by visiting the Career & Experiential Education Center. For best results, it is recommended that students enroll in the program their freshman year. The program is strategically structured to foster career readiness throughout the undergraduate experience. Students will build a personalized career development plan.

What’s Different About TOP?

The Mount has partnered with PROMARK, a Career Partners International Firm, to provide consultation and support for our students. Our classes and events will offer the latest in career readiness information. Our graduates will have support from the Career Center after graduation. GOLD level TOP graduates who continue to need services six months after graduation will be offered the opportunity to use a package of services through PROMARK.

The package pairs qualified students with a nationally-certified career coach, individualized attention and access to PROMARK resources- a package valued at $2500. There is no additional charge for the services.

There are 592 registered employers in the Mount’s Career Center database.