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Software is not limited by physics, like buildings are. It is limited by imagination, by design, by organization. In short, it is limited by properties of people, not by properties of the world. – Ralph Johnson

Computing and computer technology are integrated into just about every aspect of our lives.  From the way we communicate, to the movies that we watch, to the way we do business, the Computing Program at the Mount highlights the interaction of people, information and technology in a specific discipline.

A major in Web & Mobile App Development (Technical Track) gives students the technical knowledge and skills necessary to apply web and mobile technologies and perform data analytics within various professional environments. Your creativity and innovation coupled with the knowledge and skills learned from studying Web & Mobile App Development can empower you to make a difference, in ways such as:

  • Changing the way we communicate by creating a new social media app
  • Giving hope to those with disabilities by designing an app that helps them in their daily challenges
  • Allowing people to live a more sustainable life by monitoring carbon emissions and managing recycling efforts
  • Gathering and analyzing data to find trends for corporate decision making
  • Creating the next Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG)
  • Improving the delivery of digital media and entertainment.

Students in this major have the option of choosing between a technical and non-technical track. Selecting a minor in either mathematics or graphic design enables the student to customize the required coursework to his/her interests.

Featured Courses:

Students study software development with an emphasis on the web and mobile platforms.  Course work provides a foundation in:

  • Client and Server Side Scripting
  • Object-Oriented Analysis & Design
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Web Fundamentals & Standards
  • Intro to Mobile Application Development.

Why Web & Mobile App Development at the Mount?

  • Small class sizes, personal attentional, and a welcoming atmosphere for a healthy learning environment.
  • Coursework that develops the advanced problem solving skills coveted by employers
  • Opportunity to train with cutting-edge technologies
  • Individual research, as well as co-op experience to prepare you for your future career.
  • Course projects and research that promote transforming ideas into innovative computer applications.

Career Potential:

Employers look for technology professionals with strong communication and problem solving skills in addition to computing skills such as web and mobile application development and computer network analysis and programming.

With the explosion in web and mobile usage over the last decade, it’s more important than ever to understand the technology that drives today’s businesses. Computing occupations are estimated to grow rapidly over the next decade, many between 21 percent and 54 percent (US-BLS), far outpacing overall job growth in the U.S. Whether you want to develop mobile apps or build websites for businesses, a major in Web & Mobile App Development prepares you well.

With your new Web & Mobile App Development degree from Mount St. Joseph University, you might choose to pursue one of the following career/educational paths:

  • Front End Web & Mobile App Developer
  • Back End Web & Mobile App Developer
  • Database Administration/Mining/Analytics
  • Human-computer interaction specialist
  • Database designer/administrator
  • Content management system manager.

Graduate School

  • Data Analytics/Data Science
  • Computer Science
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development


There are two computer labs dedicated solely to the Departments of Mathematics and Computing where students are exposed to a variety of applications, development tools and other technologies including Java, C++, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Android SDK and Android Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio and Adobe Creative Suite.

More information

To learn more about the major in Web & Mobile App Development, please contact Dennis Gibson.

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