Religious Studies | Mount St. Joseph University
Rosary on a bible.

Religious Studies provides students with resources for an appreciation and analysis of religion.

The Religious Studies program is now restructured and accepting students into the new Liberal Arts program; an interdisciplinary study combining faculty expertise and student experience across English, history, religious studies, and philosophy. It can be combined with a Religious Studies Minor.


Religious studies lead students to:

  • Appreciate and analyze religion.
  • Investigate sources, historical development and contemporary practices of religious faith.
  • Gain a sympathetic appreciation of others' beliefs.

You'll develop skills in communications, critical thinking and problem solving. These skills are valued in entry-level positions in theologically-grounded professions, as well as in careers in education, communications, social services, business and health care.



  • Photo of Alan deCourcy Alan deCourcy

    Adjunct Instructor

  • Photo of John Trokan John Trokan

    Program Director of Religious/Pastoral Studies, Associate Professor of Religious Studies