Leadership and Civic Engagement Minor | Mount St. Joseph University

Connecting the classroom with the real world

The Leadership & Civic Engagement minor is offered as a 22-credit course of study that integrates student understanding of leadership practices and civic involvement with experiential, service-based learning to lead active, effective and meaningful personal, professional and civic lives.

Students are provided opportunities to develop marketable leadership and collaboration skills with experience in addressing complex community issues by drawing from multiple academic disciplines.

The flexible elective options allow students to integrate the minor into their plan of study and connect to personal interests while exploring the intersection between ethical leadership and the common good.

Additional Information

Three courses in leadership, civic engagement, and ethical practice provide the foundation for the minor. Students learn theories of leadership and engage in leadership practice. Additionally, students choose electives from courses in civic capacity and civic issues.

Courses in civic capacity provide an understanding of human communication and behavior as well as how institutions and social systems function. Possibilities include classes in political and legal systems, as well as communication and new media studies, management, religious studies, social work, psychology, and sociology. Electives from courses in civic issues are also required. Options include courses in criminology, economics, history, business and environmental science.

The minor is inspired by the Sisters of Charity’s legacy of service and socially conscious leadership. It builds on the Common Good Thread required of all undergraduate students through the Mount’s Core Curriculum that empowers students to become critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, effective communicators and ethical decision makers.

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