People doing yoga outside.

Explore education of the seven dimensions of wellness: emotional, environmental, occupational, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual.

Our Health and Wellness program prepares students for careers that promote lifelong wellness, optimal health and quality of life for all individuals.

The mission of the Health and Wellness major is to graduate highly skilled and well-equipped students for entry into professional practice or graduate study in health and wellness professional schools incorporating service learning and experiential practicum.

Students completing the Bachelors of Science in Health and wellness will be able to

Assess individual and community factors affecting health, well-being, and quality of life
Design solutions to multi-faceted health and wellness problem using evidence based practices

  • Develop a  personal wellness philosophy, develop an on-going action plan, and serve as a role model to others
Identify and communicate with governmental, for-profit and non-profit  stakeholders seeking to improve population health
Undertake advanced work in health and wellness industry, government agencies, graduate or professional school.

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