Curriculum: 3+2 Combined Degree | Mount St. Joseph University
Student stretching football player's leg.

Mount St. Joseph University is pleased to announce a 3+2 combined degree track in health and wellness (BS) with the Master of Athletic Training degree.  Students currently enrolled in the Mount's health and wellness program will be able to apply as soon as the Spring of 2020 for admission to the MAT degree program. External applicants to the Mount may enter as soon as May 2019.

Long known for its mission of service to others,  the Mount’s combined degree will:

  • enable students to study health and wellness from a holistic biopsychosocial perspective examining the individual factors as well as the macro level factors in the community and the population that impact quality of life.

The addition of the pre-requisite exercise science and fitness courses as well as the MAT curriculum and clinical experiences will:

  • prepare clinicians able to serve patients and communities in preventing, managing, and treating injuries, acute illnesses, and chronic disease.
  • prepare students to work collaboratively and deliver high quality accessible and low cost health care where patients live, learn, work, and play.

Advancing AT education to the graduate level will:

  • enable AT students to more fully experience a wider breadth of clinical experiences on and off campus
  • participate in the interprofessional education opportunities in the School of Health Sciences
  • utilize the state of the art equipment available in the simulation and anatomy laboratories.

AT student clinical rotations will include semester long  experiences  focused on prevention and acute care settings with pediatric and adult population at local colleges, high schools and professional sports teams, outpatient rehabilitation, primary care/family medicine, orthopedics, worksite wellness and health promotion, mass participant/event medicine.  The final year of the MAT includes a 14 week immersive experience.