Betty Brothers Travel Abroad Scholarship

To honor former Mount art professor Betty Brothers, we award two $1,000 travel scholarships annually. A panel of art and design faculty members select recipients, with preference given to traditional students. Undergraduates are limited to two scholarships each.


Professor Brothers taught Ceramics and Art History from 1969-1990, and served as department chair from 1984-1990. She valued travel abroad as an important part of art appreciation and study. These scholarships are intended to offset overseas travel expenses for students who share the same passion for learning and understanding of the arts that Betty Brothers did.

Download the Scholarship Application.


Application requirements

  • Be an Art, Fine Art, & Graphic Design major who has completed at least one academic year at the Mount.
  • Be In good academic standing.
  • Enrolled in a Mount IDS course with a study abroad component or in Richmond University (London) courses, the Mount’s study abroad affiliate, for any term (summer/fall/spring).
  • Write a one-page essay on "Why I Value Overseas Study," and submit it by email to Kathy Owens:
    (You can also ask her about application deadlines.)