Ireland Immersion | Mount St. Joseph University
Country cottage in Ireland.

In this 13 day adventure, you will travel with about 20 other college students from around the US.

Mount students began traveling to Ireland in 2005 as part of a service learning immersion experience with the Christian Brothers. Since that time, we’ve expanded the scope of the trip to include Northern Ireland and the “industrial” working class Southern counties of Ireland. This coming trip will enable us to add one more important dynamic that should make this even more likely to be the trip of a lifetime.

Course Description

This course will look at the interrelationships of history, culture, language, faith and economy as interlaced dynamics shaping contemporary Irish life. We will examine how, in both past and present times, art, music, literature, and theater have grown out of the saga of the Irish people. Particular attention will be paid to the struggle for Irish independence. A highlight of our time will be a focus on the distinctive spirituality of the Celtic people. 


We will be taking air transportation to Shannon, bus service to and from the airport as well as for touring venues. Feet are mighty good on this excursion also, as you will want to walk on some of the “loveliest sod on earth.” We will depart from Belfast.


We will stay in hotels, students will sleep three-four to a room. Breakfast is provided each day. We pick up lunch and dinner as we move through our travels. Dinner is provided on six of the days. Because food in Ireland can be expensive, students often go to a local grocery for sandwiches, snacks, fruits, veggies, yogurt etc. Stores are accessible and pretty much the same as in the States. On the last trip (2010) the cost of a bowl of soup had risen to about $5.00. Most soups are quite substantial and are usually served with brown bread—so this makes an excellent lunch.


In Ireland, we will make visits to some of the country’s most impressive cultural treasures such as:

  • Book of Kells
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Killarney
  • the Queenstown Emigration Museum
  • famed Phoenix Park
  • Trinity College
  • Powerscourt
  • the National Museum of Ireland 

We will visit an early monastic site, Glendalough, to revel in the in beauty of Killarney, including Macgillycuddy’s Reeks and a Bog Village much the way it was in the 1800’s.

There will be opportunities for students to attend theatre, dance and music performances, or a performance-based Literary Pub Crawl, visiting favorite pubs of Irelands’ most esteemed authors. Dublin and the surrounding area offer all sorts of entertainment venues and interesting tourist attractions that students will have time to explore on their own.

A true highlight of visiting Ireland since the Good Friday Peace Agreement (April 10, 1998) is adventuring to Northern Ireland—and in particular having the opportunity to hear from those who have been instrumental in the process of establishing peace and keeping it. Heralded as one of the most significant efforts at uncontested peace in the modern era, this settlement has not only lasted but has become a model for other parts of the world where divisions among citizenry has almost broken the spirit, economy, and sanctity of the humans.

Many young people were and are still instrumental in maintaining the peace that now characterizes this beautiful-yet-historically-tormented part of Ireland.

Health Care Facilities

There are clinics and hospitals in Ireland. It is a pay-as-you-go system and they do accept credit cards in the hospitals. Because we are traveling with seasoned guides along the way, our needs are very well tended.  They do NOT take US health insurance. If you wish to purchase health insurance, you can through the Education First College Study Tours travel company. It’s advisable to do that at the time you enroll. You can also take out a policy after you’ve enrolled.


Ireland is known for its rain, however many days can be mid-to-upper 70’s and sunny. Plan for a combination and know that jackets and excellent walking shoes are a must.

Contact Information

For more information, email Linda Jackson or Marge Kloos.

Additional Information

The course number is IDS 395/RPS 595. The trip will take place during the University's summer break.