This isn’t just another job, but a stepping stone for me to be successful in my career later in life.
– Matt Mauer ’16

What is Education at Work?

Education At Work is a non-profit organization that exclusively employs college students to help them earn money to manage the cost of their education, while at the same time gaining the foundational job skills and education needed to compete for 21st century jobs. Mount St. Joseph University has partnered with Education At Work to offer contact center employment opportunities to our students in order to help students put spending money in their pockets while decreasing university tuition costs. This is a great option for students not yet in a co-op job.

The Mount is home to an on-campus contact center supporting one client with their health surveying. The on-campus location allows students to save money on transportation costs and enables them to find time to study while being just minutes away from their next class.

Students who work for Education At Work are eligible for tuition assistance after being employed for 2 months. Depending on the student’s GPA and adhering to their schedules, they can earn up to $5,250 tax-free tuition assistance per year.

Why Should You Join the Education at Work Team?

  • Enjoy flexible training and work schedules that are exclusive to college students and adaptable to students’ class schedules.
  • Currently offering part-time customer service positions during the day or evening (average of 16 hours per week required, with occasional schedule flexibility permitted).
  • Earn $9.00 per hour.
  • Build your résumé and enhance your real-life work experience by developing skills in communication, problem solving, collaboration, customer service, and more.

Not Your Traditional Call Center

Some people might describe a contact center as small cubicles where workers listen to customer complaints. That’s not the case with this center. Students talk to customers and ask them to complete health surveys. Students will find that their co-workers are a lot like them. The work environment is open and includes large tables where students interact and learn from each other and their supervisors while working.

Mount Freshman Among First Class of Employees at Education At Work

Check out Mount student Danielle Russell’s story about her Education At Work experience. Read the complete story.

For More Information

Contact the Career and Experiential Education Center in Seton Center at 513-244-4888 or

Visit the Education At Work site to apply for a job.