FAQs: Online Learning | Mount St. Joseph University

What are the computer system/software requirements for the online courses?

At the Mount, we do not have any specific hardware requirements for online learning. We recommend students have a high-speed internet connection. To determine if your computer meets the software requirements for online learning, visit this resource.

Is there an orientation course that I can take before my online program starts?

Yes.  There will be an orientation course released to students two weeks before the program's scheduled start date.

What are the different types of online courses and how do they differ from traditional on-campus courses?

In traditional on-campus courses, students are on-site in the classroom with a professor and classmates. With online courses, the classroom activity occurs off-campus with the assistance of a variety of technologies most notably high speed internet access and a personal computer. The classroom activity for online courses can be conducted in an asynchronous or synchronous manner. 

Asynchronous: Student and instructor interactions do not occur simultaneously in this setting.  Communication in this setting usually occurs via the discussion boards on Blackboard, allowing both students and professors to work according to their own schedules.  These courses often feature recorded lectures.  Courses offered online through the Mount use the asynchronous format.

Synchronous: In this setting, students and instructors are online at the same time.  Streaming lectures and live chats are often used to replicate face-to-face interactions in an online format.

Does it take less time to get an online degree than an on-campus degree?

Unless noted, many online degree programs are comparable time-wise to their face-to-face counterparts. In certain cases, courses and degrees can be offered at an accelerated pace. At the Mount, we are committed to helping students graduate on time.

Can I still receive help with coursework in an online setting?

At the Mount, we are committed to providing personalized attention to our students through dedicated faculty and staff. Online students can expect the same personalized attention that face-to-face students receive. 

Are the same financial aid benefits available for online students?

Yes, since online classes are recognized as college coursework, the same federal and private aid is available to students (unless otherwise noted by the institution). Many online students use the same grants and loans as students in a face-to-face setting.

Are there any scholarships for online students at the Mount?

Currently there are no scholarships available for online students.

Can credits for traditional courses be transferred to an online program?

In many cases, credits from face-to-face programs can be transferred to their online counterparts. Meeting with an admission counselor/transcript analyst is the best way to discover whether or not your credits will transfer. 

If I am in an online program at the Mount, can I switch from online to face-to-face during the program?

After satisfactory completion of one semester or the first two online courses, you may switch from online to face-to-face for the remainder of the program.