FAQs: Chemistry, B.A. vs. B.S. | Mount St. Joseph University

Why are there two different degrees?

A Bachelor of Science degree indicates a greater depth in the subject while a Bachelor of Arts degree indicates greater breadth of study. The Chemistry Department at the Mount offers both degrees to meet the needs of different students with different career goals.

How should I choose which is right for me?

The Bachelor of Arts degree is excellent preparation for careers in chemistry-related professions or health professions such as Physical Therapy. The Bachelor of Science degree is American Chemical Society certified and may be best for students who want to work as a chemist and/or pursue a graduate degree in chemistry. Your academic advisor will help you make this choice.

Will employers or graduate programs view the two degrees differently?

Both BA and BS degrees in chemistry are recognized in industry and by graduate and professional programs. Graduate programs in chemistry will prefer a BS degree that includes advanced study in physical chemistry.

Employers and professional programs in chemistry-related fields may value the breadth of study offered by the BA degree. Again, your academic advisor will help you make this choice.

When do I have to decide which track I want to do? Can I switch between them?

Good news! For the first three semesters the BA and the BS share a common curriculum. During your sophomore year, you will work with your advisor to decide whether to stay with the degree you’ve chosen or switch.


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