Mount Up Bridge Program

The Mount Up Bridge Program eases students' transition to college and supports post-secondary success by providing students with the academic skills and social resources needed to succeed in a college environment.


First Generation Student Success

The Lions 1st Scholars Community is designed to support first-generation college students and assist them with their transition from high school into college life at the Mount.


Connect Mentorship Program

The Connect Mentorship Program strives to match students with experienced peer mentors who will help guide students throughout their MSJ experience to graduation and successful transition to life after college rather that’s graduate school, workforce or military.


Introducing R.A.P Sessions

R.A.P (Recognition, Acceptance, Practice) Sessions is our new in-house professional development series.  Each month, the O.D.I will offer between 1-3 lunch & learn seminars where there will either be a viewing of a webinar on a topic related to inclusive excellence and a working discussion afterwards on how we can implement practices discussed into daily practice, or we will bring in a guest speaker who will educate on a topic related to inclusive excellence.

Below is a list of potential webinars upcoming on campus.  

Faculty & Your Student Conduct Process: Secure Faculty Buy-in & Create Partnerships for Student Success

  • Peer Coaching & Mentoring:  Innovative Approaches to Engagement, Retention & Completion
  • Your First-Generation Students: Emerging Trends That Support, Retain & Graduate This Growing Population
  • Student Ambassador Recruitment & Training: Improve Enrollment, Increase Retention & Cultivate Exceptional Customer Service Experiences


Introducing S.P.A. Initiatives

S.P.A. (Student Partnership Awards) is an initiative designed to foster collaboration and dialogue among students and student organizations. Any student or student organization who has a desire to program on campus is eligible for this assistance. The only requirement is to partner with another student or student organization on campus who meets two different points of diversity than your own. Contact the O.D.I. for more details.


Diversity Champion Award

To honor those who live our mission of inclusive excellence, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion introduces the Diversity Champion Award.  This award recognizes exceptional efforts by Mount community members who exhibit excellence in inclusivity in their daily practice. 

This prestigious award will be given once a year to one faculty, one staff, and one student by President Williams during fall convocation.

Award Criteria

A Diversity Champion presents a unique blend of experience, skills, accomplishments, and other qualities. A nominee must be a member of student, staff, or faculty at Mount St. Joseph University in good standing. The Selection Committee will consider the nominee’s trailblazing efforts in one or more of the following areas: 

  • Creates and promotes a diverse and inclusive workplaces
  • Raises awareness and fosters communication related to inclusive excellence within the Mount community
  • Supports inclusion and encourages diverse individuals to reach their professional goals
  • Exhibits a true commitment to diversity and inclusion at the Mount.

An individual may champion the cause of diversity in many ways. An award application should reflect all the efforts and achievements of a nominee. Examples of some of the ways a nominee may champion diversity include:

  • Creating or supporting affinity groups, diversity committees or provide leadership in organizations committed to promoting positive action for diversity and inclusion
  • Acting as a recruiter, manager or mentor, to promote the inclusion and success of diverse individuals in the profession
  • As a speaker, an advocate, or public relations contributor, raise awareness of the issues of equity, diversity and inclusion in the professional community, the Mount community, or the community at large
  • Pursuing research or study, and/or develop educational programming on issues related to equity, diversity, and /or inclusion.