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Connecting the classroom with the real world

The Center for Ethical Leadership encourages students to develop the skills, abilities, and characteristics that employers are seeking in the leaders of today. Candidates with personal integrity who communicate effectively, think critically, and solve complex problems stand out in the world of work.

Participating in the variety of interactive and practical experiences offered through the Mount’s many programs is an excellent way for students to get to know each other and become involved in the Mount’s vibrant campus life.

Opportunities for Involvement in Challenging Academic Experiences

The Common Good Thread experienced by all undergraduate students as part of the Mount’s core curriculum supports ethical leadership development through a strong and practical foundation that enables students to lead meaningful personal, professional. and civic lives. It empowers students to become critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, effective communicators, and ethical decision-makers.

The Ethics Bowl Program is a classroom-based experience integrating critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and effective communication in an ethical context. Students explore critical and complex issues in an academic course—Contemporary Moral Debate—and build collaborative and persuasive skills through team scrimmages. The program is further enhanced through competitions with other colleges and universities in Ethics Bowl formats.

The Leadership & Civic Engagement Minor is a valuable complement to a student’s area of study. It integrates the understanding of leadership practice and the Common Good with experiential, service-based learning. Opportunities are provided for students to connect the classroom and the real world by developing employer-desired leadership and collaboration skills with demonstrated experience around complex community issues.

...And Engaged Student Life 

Leadership Unwrapped is an informal and interactive Lunch & Learn Leadership Academy designed to strengthen important transformational leadership capacities to Connect, Commit, Lead, and Grow. Students gather at lunch, or other designated times, for eight-week themed experiences that provide excellent opportunities to meet others and encourage campus involvement and career success. A co-curricular leadership certificate is earned for each successfully completed level in the series.

Discussions of Leadership Speaker Series events and forums offered throughout the year connect learning inside and outside the classroom and expose students to a broad range of ideas. Featuring a variety of authors, experts, and real-world practitioners who address themes at the intersection of ethical leadership and the common good in diverse formats for both the public and campus community.