Vision2020 | Mount St. Joseph University
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Vision2020 Statement

By 2020, the Mount will be nationally recognized as a top value university by engaging 21st Century students in individualized educational journeys leading to the achievement of their personal and professional goals. A Mount education will inspire a life-long commitment to educational, professional and community engagement in the spirit and tradition and values of its founders, the Sisters of Charity.

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Vision2020 Criteria

Bold Initiatives

  • Top Value University
  • Online Degree Programs
  • 3 Year Undergraduate Degrees and 3+1 Master's Degrees
  • Further Leverage Health Sciences
  • Enhance Campus Experience and Increase Residential Student Population
  • Talent Opportunity Program

Strategic Themes

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Excellent, Relevant Academics

As a University, the Mount will offer academic programs, delivery platforms, and services that will be comprehensive and innovative while preserving the focus on personal attention that has characterized the Mount for a century.

The Mount will provide curricula focusing on cultivating concern for the common good and emphasizing the liberal arts and sciences, personal and social ethics, leadership, and service.

  • Ethical Leadership Development as a transformative experience
  • Further SC heritage by expanding learning and service opportunities for students

The Mount will offer excellent academic programs that provide quality student-centered learning experiences preparing students for professional success in the 21st century.

  • Strong experiential learning and employer partnerships
  • A Center for Learning and Teaching Excellence
  • Technology to enhance instructional delivery

Each academic school will capitalize on new market opportunities by offering relevant academic programs and individualized pathways to learning.

  • Community and employer partnerships
  • Three year bachelor degrees and 3+1 graduate degrees
  • Life-long learning opportunities for career advancement, professional development, and personal enrichment
  • Become a premier, comprehensive school of health sciences serving an expanded market

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Engaged Student Experience

The Mount will have a thriving campus culture by offering students options to engage in living, learning, service, spiritual, ethical leadership, professional development, athletic, and social activities.

The Mount will have a thriving campus culture that provides an engaging campus life experience for all its students.

  • An expanded competitive athletics program
  • Integrated living and learning with a significantly larger number of residential students
  • Enhanced campus environment and facilities
  • Expand technology to enhance student life

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Graduates Recognized as Career Ready

The Mount will provide transformative development experiences by integrating work, study, and student life to produce career ready graduates with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to enter the professional workforce.

The Mount will have graduates distinctively recognized as career ready.

  • Talent development, experiential learning, career counseling and alumni career services
  • Expanded work options to reduce student reliance on debt
  • Ethical Leadership in life and work
  • Integrate ethical leadership and professional development into athletic programs