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Criminology Alumni Spotlight: Rachel Steele

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Rachel Steele graduated from the Mount with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology in May 2011. Upon graduation she landed a great job with Talbert House and has recently received an opportunity for advancement with the Warren County Common Pleas Court.

Rachel says there are great jobs in the field of Criminology and wishes all of her fellow Mount colleague’s success. She recently said:

"I worked for a little over a year at the Talbert House Community Correctional Center as a case manager. CCC is a residential treatment facility housing 110 adult male felony offenders. I gained a TON of experience in the field and it was a great stepping stone to my current job. I am going on week three at my new job. I am now an Adult Probation Officer for Warren County Common Pleas Court. I am so excited about this next step in my career! So you can pass this along to your current students... there is hope for new grads in the CJ system!"

As part of her on-the-job training, Rachel is getting her Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant License.

Congratulations, Rachel! We are proud of you and look forward to seeing your career flourish.