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Alumni Continues to Support Mount’s Mission in Career for over Ten Years

Behavioral and Natural Sciences, Psychology

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Crissi Lanier ‘02

During her second semester of her freshman year in 1999, Crissi Lanier started student working at the Charlotte Schmidlapp Children's Center on the Mount’s campus. After completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in 2002, she was hired on full-time at the Children’s Center. More than ten years later she continues to work there, now as the Assistant Coordinator and lead Toddler Teacher.


Lanier received a scholarship to the Mount and chose to attend because of its close proximity to where she grew up. She also wanted to be with her good friends that chose to attend the Mount as well.

Along her educational path, Lanier had great professors who helped prepare her for the position she currently holds. She uses her psychology degree every day interacting with the parents and their children.

In December 2013, Lanier completed her Master’s in Zoology from Miami University which was integrated through the program Project Dragonfly and the Cincinnati Zoo.

Current Endeavors

Today Lanier has taken her experiences from the Mount and combined them with a number of different fields that she is passionate about.

“I love my job. I absolutely love the toddlers and being ‘Miss. Crissi," says Lanier, “It’s incredibly rewarding to work with the parents and children and support the mission of the Mount.”