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A Mount Education Prepares For a Career in Service Work

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By: Amanda Gratsch

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Sean Crotty, ‘07

Since Sean Crotty’s graduation in 2007, philosophy is tightly woven into his career endeavors. From working with customers in his Cincinnati fitness business, to working with patients in Cambodia as part of his service in the Peace Corps, Crotty has gained a valuable work experience.

Crediting his Mount Education

Crotty was drawn to the Mount because of its emphasis on personalized attention and investments in students.

Crotty credits the Mount with the skills that he gained while earning his degree in criminology/sociology, which helped him successfully establish his business and his work as senior director at YMCA Camp Kern right after graduation.  He says that his education helped him understand the importance of attention to detail and accountability and taught him program development.

“The Mount instilled in me a sense of confidence and self-assurance, which is crucial when you are working in either the small business world or the Peace Corps.”

A Journey in Service Work

Crotty joined the Peace Corps in 2011 as a health extension agent.  He is currently a volunteer leader for the Peace Corp’s community health program, as well as an advisor for the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) national donor program in Cambodia. In that role, he was assigned counterparts in health centers in remote parts of the countryside, teaching health center staff about general patient assessment.

During that time, Crotty helped write an EMS guide translated into Khmer for Cambodian practitioners, covering basic and advanced First Aid and western practices of general sanitation and workplace care.  He also helped create a mainframe for health fairs to teach basic health principles to young people all over the country and designed exercise stations for a local high school.

Gaining a Rewarding Experience

In his current role as a volunteer leader, Crotty is training volunteers, provides general support in terms of programming, policy, emotional needs, cultural understanding and helping Peach Corps staff with site development.

He will continue volunteer work with the CDC, where he helps to enforce clinical blood transfusion guidelines, trains physicians in blood donor care and recruits donors until this August, when he will begin his training as a nurse practitioner.

Sharing Appreciation for Those along the Way

Crotty is thankful for his family, which he says has been a “rock” and a source of inspiration for him during his service.  He draws his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to service from his father Kevin, a former vice president for Van Dyne Crotty, who is now retired and involved in charitable organizations. His mother Karen, an avid artist, is his sounding board, confidence-builder, and the “glue” for the family.

“My experience in the Peace Corps under extreme hardships placed a seed in my head that I know I need to capitalize on,” Crotty says.  “I have grown to admire and genuinely appreciate the interaction I have with patients in this type of environment on an everyday basis and I have genuine passion for learning how whole communities are affected as well as individuals.”

Future Ambitions

Eventually Crotty would like to open up his own nursing practice in an underdeveloped area and also provide outreach services through home visits and mobile units to provide healthcare to those who do not have access due to their home placement.